Little Ondine Sculpture Contour And Highlight Palette


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Little Ondine incorporates the light and shadow inspiration from the sculpture of the artwork "David" into the new "Sculptor" high-gloss trimming plate, allowing artistic inspiration to collide with the hot personality, with light and shadow in hand, creating a three-dimensional exquisite makeup that highlights oneself.

This innovative "soft ceramic" texture formula is specially added with polymer microspheres to make the application silky smoother and more extensible. Its delicate and smooth moist touch can effectively meet the needs of consumers for dressing without flying powder.

At the same time, the texture of the "pottery powder" is not easy to stick to the powder and agglomerate, and it is fine and smooth. The ultra-fine silky powder created by the vacuum airflow ultra-fine particle crushing technology can easily smooth the fine lines of the pores on the flat surface. In addition, this high-gloss repairing pan is specially added with ultra-fine porous silicon powder, which is skin-friendly and oil-controlling, and long-lasting makeup.