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Rebel Angel B01: Classic tomato colour tone, the MVP colour for yellow skin girl. Mixture of red and orange colour tone make you look fair and gentle.
Liberty Angel B02 : You are Snow White with this apple red lip gloss. Apply thin coating will gives you watery red lips, apply thick coating for classic red colour lips. It will make you look fair and young.
Dawn Angel B03: Reddish brown with a strong retro colour, mixed with a little orange-brown tone, makes your skin look fair, suitable for all skin types and for autumn and winter.
Moonlight Angel B04 : Let everyone notice you in the crowd. This blue-toned red lip gloss can enhance your aura. Apply thin coating to get rose-tone dragon fruit colour, apply thick coating for richer red colour. Makes your skin look fair and brings you queen’s aura.
Twin Angel B05: This dirty orange tone is suitable to use during autumn and winter. Just like the caramel pudding in the tea party, suitable for European and American style makeup. Makes you look ‘handsome’ and ‘stylish’. Makes you skin look fair and suitable for all skin type.
Guardian Angel L01: Almond nude milk tea color, gentle and classy, lower saturation compared to W01, suitable for angles with light lip color. For natural look or as a base color for lip overlay with other colors.
Blessing Angel L02 : Peach pink, tender and matte texture, brings you a girly look during your first love, cute and gentle with pink coral makeup, suitable to use during spring and summer.
Confession Angel L03: Red brown tone like sugar-fried chestnut reddish brown, brings you rich and classy red-brown combination, makes your skin tone look fairer, suitable for girls with natural deep lips colour.
Sighing Angel L04: Cocoa Brown tone colour, just like chocolate lava cake, brings you Unique European and American fashion sense. Gives you a dominant look when applied with full make up, immediately helps spread out your queen’s aura. Suitable for girls with natural deep lips color.
Covenant Angel W01: Milk tea colour that suitable for daily use. Soft and tender oranges tone create a gentle age-reducing makeup, suitable for girls’ light lips colour.
Horned Angel W02: Low-saturated red bean paste colour, with brown coffee colour tone like a small chestnut. Apply thin layer for daily make up look, and get a cool look by apply double layer. Suitable for all types of make up and for yellow skin girl.
Saviour Angel W03 : Colour of dry rose and red bean paste, mixed with subtle earth tones and purple tones, suitable for every elegant girl.
King's Angel W04: Dark wine-red colour, apply thin coating will gives you rose-toned cherry red, apply thick coating will brings you intense burgundy and purple tone, transform you into a queen.
Tribunal Angel W05: Low-saturated European and American Earth brown colour, with a mixture of red tone, like a cup of hot chocolate. Gives you calm and glamorous aura with thick coat